Church School

We believe that children have a great capacity to love God and were destined to be in communion with Him. Christ’s Church is the place where this relationship is formed and nurtured.

We also believe that in order for children to know God they must know Jesus, Who is The Word of God. Because Jesus is the Word, we believe that the words spoken about Him to lead us into communion with Him, must be in a language that our children understand, i.e. English. We also believe that children must be present participants in the Divine Liturgy in order for them to have the relationship with God that is intended for them.

The SMG Church School exists because we believe that a child’s relationship with God is nurtured not only through true worship, but through teaching and study. Church School is not meant to replace the responsibility of parents to educate their children in the Holy Orthodox Faith, but is there rather to support and foster the teaching that is taking place at home.

The curriculum used is that of the Orthodox Christian Education Commission of North America ( The scope of the curriculum covers the areas of: Biblical; History and Tradition; Doctrine; Liturgical – Prayer, Worship and Sacraments; Ethical and Spiritual; Stages of Faith and Application. The sequence of the curriculum begins at the age of 3 and extends to young adult. There are four dedicated teachers and many wonderful helpers.

Church School is held every Sunday except during the NSW school holidays. We meet after Holy Communion in the foyer for a casual assembly and then break into our individual classes.

We invite you to become part of our exciting program!

For more information contact the church school co-ordinator Christine Ayoub on

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