SMG Bookshop

The SMG Bookshop is open every Sunday directly after Divine Liturgy. It exists for the edification and growth in the knowledge of our faith.

‘For a wise man who hears these things will be wiser, And the man of understanding will gain direction’  Prov. 1:5

Stock is updated on a periodic basis and currently includes:
– The essential Orthodox Study Bible
– Liturgical Service Books
– Prayer books
– Lives and writings of Saints (The Fathers and educators)
– Contemporary challenging issues
– Works of prominent Orthodox writers such as Metropolitan Kallistos Ware, 
Very Reverend Thomas Hopko, Very Dr. John Behr
– Children’s Bibles and books

In addition, we also stock icons, prayer ropes, jewellery, incense and much more.


Special orders may also be placed on request. Please speak to Ray and Maria Haddad for assistance.

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