default_primateHis Eminence
Metropolitan Archbishop

Paul Saliba

Born Badi Saliba to Helen Ghazi and Georges Saliba in Basarma al-Khoura, Lebanon, in July 10, 1939.

In 1952 – he entered Balamand Ecclesiastical School until 1957 when he traveled to Athens, Greece on a scholarship from the Greek government where he graduated with BA in Theology.

In 1963 he returned to Lebanon and joined Archbishop Elias Kurban as a Deacon; teacher in Balamand Ecclesiastical school; and a member of the Ecclesiastical family court and secretary of the Board of Trustees of the Archdiocese.

In 1966 he was elevated to Archimandrite and was assigned to variety of new responsibilities.

On September 10th 1968 He traveled to the United States where he served at St. Ellian church and enrolled in Duquene University for a Masters degree in world cultures.

During that time Archimandrite Paul was teaching high schools, organising the Church Communities – especially the youth, Sunday Schools, Church Councils, Ladies Societies and others.

In 1971-2 he joined Pittsburgh University where he worked on his PhD in world cultures and taught in the State college.

In 1979 he was transferred to Washington D.C. where he worked with the different Arabic Communities, organised the Youth group of the Parish – in addition to other organisations, worked with the State Department and enrolled in a school where he was certified as a counselor in Drug and Alcohol Treatment. He worked with the addicts until 1991. In Washington D.C. His Eminence was in charge of a one hour Radio Program on Sunday, which lasted from 1989 to 1993. In 1991 a TV Program was established. Metropolitan Paul broadcasted an hour bi-weekly, in addition to many other programs – religious, political, social, educational etc. That program lasted until his election to the Archpiscopate of Australia, New Zealand and the Phillipines.

He was elected as head of the Archdiocese of Australia, New Zealand and the Phillipines on the 5th of October 1999 and was ordained on the 10th of the same month. His Eminence arrived to Sydney, Australia, on the first of December 1999 where he is working diligently establishing new Churches and Missions in Australia and New Zealand; organising the administration of the Churches – Choirs, Youth Groups, Sunday School, Ladies Society, Bible Studies, and last but not least, the Theological Studies. Today the Archdiocese includes twenty-four Parishes and two Monasteries.

He finds the harvest plenteous and the workers few. He works and prays that the Lord of the vineyard will send labourers to his field. His Eminence is well qualified in Arabic, English and Greek and has a good knowledge of French.


Very Rev Fr Michal Zghaib

Father Michal was born in Beirut , Lebanon on 7 March 1961 and completed primary and secondary schooling at the Three Moons College in Beirut . He migrated to Syria during Lebanon ‘s civil war.

In 1981 he attained Bacaloria studies in Damascus, Syria. He entered Damascus University to study French Literature and in  1995 commenced theological studies at Saint George Monastery in Homayra Homs , Syria . On 15 September 1996 Fr Michal was ordained Deacon and served in the Antiochian Patriarchate in Damascus for twelve months, graduating from St. George Monastery of Theology College in 1997.

On 5 August 1997, Fr Michal was ordained priest  and served the Antochian Patriarchate in Damascus  for a further twelve months. He was later appointed Parish Priest of Saint Elias the Zealot Church in Damascus , Syria .  On 24 September 2000, he migrated with his family to Australia where he was appointed Parish Priest of Saint Elias Church in Wollongong . Fr Michal is married to Khourie Louris and they have four children: Deacon Issac, Christeen, David and Nectarios.

Fr Michal joined the parish of Saints Michael and Gabriel Orthodox Church in May 2010. We are blessed to have Fr MIchal guide parishioners to worship and grow in our spiritual understanding of the Orthodox faith. We pray our Lord continues to bless Fr Michal and his family for their hard work, love and spiritual guidance.

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